Hands-on cooking class – Learn to build Mezze Boards

Hands-on cooking class, Nov. 4, 2021 beginning at 6:00pm

Learn how to make Mezze Boards and take home your platter filled with great foods. The concept of charcuterie boards may be popular right now, but it’s definitely not anything new. In fact, small, shareable bites have been a way of eating in the Mediterranean and Middle East for generations. It’s called mezze and it’s the perfect snack-y meal for families and parties. Mezze—which literally means “to taste or snack” in Arabic—is an appetizer or light meal made up of a variety of small dishes, including dips, vegetables, cheeses, cured meats and salads.


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Chef Debbie & Chef John

The owners of Palate Culinary Services, Chefs John Lewis and Debbie McGiffin, have a combined 40 years of experience in Catering, Cooking Classes, Team Building Events, Private Parties and Personal Chef Services.

Their focus has always been Quality Ingredients carefully prepared with expertise and impeccable culinary skill.

Respecting the food is embodied in the title of their Cookbook – “It’s All About the Food”. Having exquisite palates doesn’t hurt either!! The challenge is to provide each event with food that sparkles and rewards with unique interpretations of every dish.

Given the diversity of their experience, the Chefs are able to provide a wide selection of cuisines from Asian to American Southern to French to Spanish to Island to Regional American to Italian to on and on.

All dishes prepared with authentic tastes for the cuisines chosen as well as presentations that capture your guests imaginations.

Clean food prepared by highly experienced chefs and served by a staff that will amaze, all combine to make Palate Culinary Services the natural choice for all of your catering, private party, team building and event needs.

Our Kids in the Kitchen Summer Camp program will offer its 24th edition during the summer of 2021.

Fashion is a means of feeling relevant.

I keep interested in what I’m wearing is vital.” In that sense, having her own brand to live up to, while occasionally a pressure, has its pluses. “It definitely keeps me from becoming a total slob,” she muses. “I get a lot of useful feedback, and it makes me think of other things I’d like to wear that I haven’t designed yet. Wearing my own stuff helps me not hide. I’ve learnt after a lifetime of loving clothes, and half a lifetime of making a living out of loving clothes (yep, still covering the shows, no sign of hobbling), it’s that as the decades unfurl, we need those little shots of self-affirming gorgeousness more than ever.

Being well-dressed is a discipline

Being well-dressed is a discipline. It’s a talent. It’s a lifelong learning curve – and it can’t be done without an injection of fashion. And yes, I do know that “a uniform” is the holy grail of modern style. It says you know who you are, what you want to project, and that you’ve managed to reduce it all to a single navy/latex/whatever exclamation mark. But uniforms can adapt: see Kate Moss, Stella Tennant, Emmanuelle Alt, Miuccia Prada, Caroline de Maigret, and Inès de la Fressange, who all constantly recalibrate their stylistic affiliations while staying true to their essence. Static style, on the other hand, is the sartorial equivalent of having your face Botoxed and filled until it’s an unmovable mask of fear.

The Style Rules For Dressing Your Age

The older you are, the more vital and rewarding fashion becomes, argues Lisa Armstrong. … because if there’s another lesson I’ve learnt after a lifetime of loving …. clothes that wereclassic but with enough fashion to be interesting, so that … shopper sans pareil and the woman I mostoften turn to for fashion …

Timeless style for most women since 1913

Having “timeless style” is less elusive than you think. Find out which simple ruleswomen follow to achieve it here. … Since we wear outerwear on repeat and it’s the first thing everyone sees, timeless women know to focus their

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